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Kursus itu sangat berguna untuk tujuan saya!
Sudah bisa merasa perbedaan dalam pembicaraan dengan teman-teman, asyik ! Biasanya mereka cenderung ke bahasa Perancis tetapi sekarang saya berhasil tetap berbicara di dalam bahasa Indonesia :-O

Itu bukti kita maju, kan ?!

Catherine Franssens

The material provided by the tutor was very interesting, well developed. Very motivating classes

Fabio Rodrigues

Metodenya sangat menarik, guru sangat bagus :)

Katrina Isabel Hipolito

Metodenya sangat menarik, guru sangat bagus :)

Burhan Mubarak
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Who are we?

We are a group of professional teachers of Indonesian for foreigners who passionate with language learning. We here to provide you on-demand services of learning Indonesian for non-native speakers.

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Learn Indonesian in person
with native speaker instructors
not only from Indonesian textbooks

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